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We’re are not COPIES, we are ORIGINALS!

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

We’re are not COPIES, we are ORIGINALS!

Two things hit me recently. One of them was a rock fell into my head from the sky. I, thanks God, or Universe, or Angel, or Coincidence, or Life, survived and not got blind. I’m really happy for that. After all, I have a nice scarf that is like a tatoo, a reminder that life and sight is not for granted. Another thing that hit me even that hard, or more, was that somebody took my ‘unique’, ‘mine & only’ name for the workshop body&mind exploration with movement&voice.

I was shocked in the same way as when rock hit me to my forehead, just this time it was a hit in the stomach. I than immediately responded to that sensation and expressed myself to the ‘authors’ of that workshop. That helped a bit and we even could find some solutions and alternatives to it. But still! The sensation stayed in my body and my space. So I’m exploring it and it is a theme that cought my interest. It is about our speciality, our uniqueness, about being deeply sincere of who we are in this world. What energy we’re bringing in, what gift’s we have as human beings, what is our real purpose, how our uniqueness is manifested?

I could say creativity is my middle name, I’m creator in my life, an artist, independent explorer of life. But it is not so important how you label yourself, more important is how you feel yourself. It is about how present are you as YOU. I was reflecting a lot this days for the last week since that happened. And It is becoming transparent for me how many people just forget about sensing themselves as unique or special, authentic, just purely or innocently being themselves without compromising their uniqueness. In one hand it feels like in this world to express your difference is like a sin. You’re a sinner, if you self confidently make your statement clear, regardless to what people think about them. Can we just be who we are without feeling guilty? Can we take space that belongs to us and stand for it? And on the other hand can our outside world be in balance with the inside world? Can we listen more clearly to our intuition and our inner voice leading us throught? Can we teach our children to do the same thing? To listen to their own inner voice, to follow it, to create from it? To feel worth living as we are? We’re are not copies, we are Originals! We’re the whole world that expands from inside and yet to the outside. How can we give that up? How can we trade that for just a second being more appreciated, more respected, more valuated, more noticed, more rich, more important, more in, more trendy, more beautiful, more and more. We are just what we are. Nothing more and nothing less.

And the point is, we’re enough! And if we would’t struggle so much to improve ourselves to be more and more…, we would be just the right portion of everything. And noone wouldn’t have a reason to copy from anyone.

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